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Why Pakistan’s army is targeting the MQM party

23rd August 2016

Source:DW Expert Arif Jamal talks to DW about a paramilitary operation against the MQM, a liberal political party in southern Pakistan, and how the army is allowing an Islamist takeover of Pakistan’s economic hub, Karachi. [More]

Current Affairs

French PM considers ban on foreign-funded mosques

29th July 2016

Source: The Guardian – France’s prime minister has said he would consider a temporary ban on the foreign financing of mosques, urging a “new model” for relations with Islam after a spate of jihadi attacks. Manuel [More]

Current Affairs

Guns cheaper than smartphones in Pakistani tribal town

28th July 2016

Source: The Daily Mail – Gunfire echoes through a dusty northwest tribal town, the soundtrack to Pakistan’s biggest arms black market, where Kalashnikovs welded from scrap metal are cheaper than smartphones and sold on an industrial [More]

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