Mr. Altaf Hussain has condemned terrorist attack in London

The founder and leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM) Pakistan, Mr. Altaf Hussain has condemned recent terrorist attack in London. He has expressed his profound grief and pain over the loss of precious lives.

In his statement, he mentioned the terrorist incident that happened in Manchester few days ago and now another attack have been carried out by terrorists in London. In this incident  may people were run over leading to injuries and deaths. Many were also stabbed to death and many were severely injured.

Mr. Hussain said that those who are responsible for this terror attack are enemies of humanity. They should not be shown any mercy for this barbaric act. He said that he and members of his party, MQM, are very sad on loss of lives. They stand by with the British government, those affected by these terror attacks, British citizens and bereaved families.

He assured Prime Minister Theresa May that he and his followers stand by with the British government and British citizens. He said that we support any drastic measures required in cleansing the terrorism and maintaining  peace loving, hate free and terror free country.

Mr. Hussain also appealed to the people that they should fully cooperate with police, security forces, administration and British Government for the elimination of terrorism and extremism.