Pakistan Army, ISI assassinated Pakistan’s first PM Khan Liaquat Ali Khan – MQM Coordination Committee

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee has paid rich tribute to slain first Prime Minister of Pakistan Martyr Khan Liaquat Ali Khan on his 66th anniversary. The Coordination Committee on this occasion stated that there is no antecedence or precedence of Martyr Khan Liaquat Ali Khan’s sacrifices for Pakistan and for his unshaken support to the founder of Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Ali Jinnah as he had left all his luxurious life as knight behind.

He stood shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Jinnah during days of Pakistan movement and did not care for his life just for the sake of Pakistan. He became first Prime Minister of Pakistan after creation of Pakistan, said the Coordination Committee adding that it was so miserable that his sacrifices and contribution for Pakistan meant nothing to the exploiters elite of Pakistan.

An eminent Urdu poet Muzaffar Akbar Abadi had described the fate of martyr Khan Liaquat Ali Khan in these following couplets –

Gulsitan Ko Lahoo Ki Zaroorat Pari …… Sub Sey Pehley Hi Gerdun Hamari katee

Phir Bhi Kehtey Hain Mujh sey Ye Ahl-e Chaman ….. Ye Chaman Hey Hamaara, Tumhaara Nahi

It further said that despite the grudge and discriminatory attitude of the cunning conglomerate of the Punjabi exploiters elite, Mr. Liaquat did not stop from spreading the ideology of the founder of Pakistan Mr. Jinnah. However, the Punjabi Generals of Pakistan Army and the ISI had feared him and hence they hated him. Finally, they assassinated him in a public assembly at Liaquat Bagh in Rawalpindi. Pakistani military establishment had drafted and implemented the assassination plot of Mr. Liaquat. Since the Pakistan Army and ISI were behind the cold blooded assassination of martyr Liaquat, none has so far dared to initiate a probe into his assassination.

The Coordination Committee said that Pakistan’s minnet Urdu poet worthy of all reverence from Mohajir community Jamil Ud Din Aaali’s elder brother Nawabzada Aetizaz Ud Din, who was on the rank of senior Police officer was assigned to investigate the assassination of Mr. Liaquat and one day when he was on his way back to Rawalpindi in a plane along with investigation report, his plane was destroyed from a bomb. Thus, names of assassins from Pakistan Army remained concealed.

It said that when body of assassinated Mr. Liaquat was laid for bathing prior to funeral, his vest he was wearing had turned in rags and was sewn from different sides, which was a candid manifest of his loyalty to the country that he spent all of his wealth on the country and kept nothing with him. The Punjabi Generals of Pakistani military establishment and ISI have forgotten the infallible sacrifices of him.

It with heavy heart said that it should have happened that his tomb would have been built and a library would have been placed beside his tom so that the new generation could learn about his contributions and sacrifices for the creation of Pakistan and remember his sacrifices.

The Coordination Committee while paying rich tribute to Mr. Liaquat vowed that the peaceful struggle for the rights of Mohajir Nation under the dynamic leadership of MQM founding leader and father of Mohajir Nation would continue to reach the destination. Mohajir Nation knows that they are destined to reach their destination soon.

Later, a Quran reciting session was also held at the International Secretariat for the departed soul of martyr Khan Liaquat Ali Khan and offered prayers. Almighty’s blessings were also sought on the occasions for success of struggle for rights of Mohajir Nation.