Rangers unlawful raid on MNA Sufyan Yousuf’s residence in Karachi- MQM condemns

Muttahidda Qaumi Movement’s (MQM) Coordination Committee has slammed law enforcers and paramilitary Rangers for their unlawful raid on the residence of MQM MNA Sufyan Yousuf located in Federal B. Area in Karachi on Saturday midnight. The paramilitary Rangers raided Yousuf’s residence and broke into the house without any search or arrest warrant. they ransacked the house of the MQM MNA and since he was not available, the paramilitary troopers misbehaved with women and used abusive language and harassed them as the troopers are famed for.

According to details, paramilitary troopers arrived at Yousuf’s residence mid of Saturday night in two Toyota Corolla model new brand cars and one double cabin Vigo brand land cruiser. They were all in plain clothes, which is also unlawful as Pakistan’s apex court had restricted from raids in plain clothes, which the paramilitary troopers never respected. Women were the only family members of Yousuf present inside at the time of raid and were harassed. The troopers did not ask for permission to enter the premise but they forcefully broke into the house. During the raid, they ransacked the entire premise for more than half an hour. The paramilitary Rangers kept on penetrating electronic devices such as laptop, cell phones and other goods.

The coordination Committee has condemned the paramilitary Rangers for unlawful raid and shameful misbehaviour with the women inside MQM MNA Yousuf’s house.

It said that the unlawful raid on house of MQM MNA Yousuf was an alarming sign for all political forces in Pakistan. Since the paramilitary Rangers have not hesitated of raiding unlawfully at the residence of MQM MNA, the agony of MQM workers can easily be perceived. The paramilitary Rangers have crossed all limits and the inhuman atrocities on MQM workers can’t be expressed in words. The paramilitary Rangers have a built-in instinct of harassing and misbehaving Mohajir women during raids.

The Coordination Committee said that MQM loyal and devoted workers and office-bearers are constantly chased, kidnapped and tortured in illegal detention centres of the paramilitary Rangers. Women at homes are vulnerable to harassment and assaults by the paramilitary Rangers. MQM workers kidnapped by the paramilitary Rangers are gone missing as they have not been produced in any court of law while the country’s judiciary has utterly failed to deliver justice to the affected families.

It said that the paramilitary Rangers are also targeting the families of those MQM office-bearers and workers, who are in exile or abroad and many of them have already gone missing after having been kidnapped by the paramilitary Rangers. MQM severely condemns the paramilitary Rangers for their inhuman actions against innocent Mohajirs.

“Despite all injustices, barbaric treatment, kidnappings, enforced disappearances, torture in detention centres and extrajudicial assassinations, the Military Establishment and its paramilitary Rangers and intelligence agencies could not intimidate MQM workers”, the Coordination Committee asserted adding that “They could not force Father of Mohajir Nation and MQM founding leader Mr. Altaf Hussain to stop struggling for the rights of Mohajir Nation.”

It demanded the Prime Minister Mr. Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, federal interior minister Mr. Ahsan Iqbal and federal cabinet to take immediate notice of unlawful raid on MQM MNA Yousuf’s residence. It further demanded that the rights of peaceful Mohajirs should be protected and the unlawful raids, kidnappings and harassment should be stopped.